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What Do You Want for Father's Day Dad?

What Do You Want for Father’s Day?     Taken from mikesmindblog.wordpress.com “What do you want for Fathers Day dad?”  It is now a welcome question in my household. Until recently it was something that wasn’t even a concern.  However, now that my kids have entered the adult years, I think that they have figured it... Read More



Tsunami Taken from mikesmindblog.wordpress.com I remember Boxing day of 2004 quite vividly.  It was the year that a huge earthquake struck in the Indian ocean causing tidal waves in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.  I still recollect watching videos in horror as the world viewed up to 20 meter waves pound... Read More


The Weight of Waiting

The Weight of Waiting   Everybody has a wait story; a time when you were in line at Walmart and the person in front of you can’t find their wallet or the customer who insists on paying for their $250 item in unwrapped quarters.  Maybe it is the infamous price check item or the slow person who doesn’t get their... Read More


Wisdom Calling

Wisdom Calling Follow Pastor Mike's blog at mikesmindblog.wordpress.com When I first started writing blogs I had a certain ideal in mind.  I didn’t want to express or echo what others where already saying and I didn’t really want to create another devotional type of blog (not that this would bad).  My intention in... Read More


What Does 21 Say to 50?

What Does 21 Say to 50? Taken from mikesmind.wordpress.com Hesitation will kill you! Or at least that is how the saying goes. It is because in many cases hesitation speaks volumes.  Most of the time when a person hesitates to a question it implies that the real answer is undesirable or dangerous but you do not... Read More


What Would 50 Say to 21?

What Does 50 Say to 21? Join Mike's Mind Blog by going to mikesmingblog.wordpress.com and pressing "follow" A short time ago, the local Christian radio station invited me and 7 other pastors, to speak to a live on the air for 10 minutes on the subject of, “What would you say to a 21 year old you?”  Unfortunately,... Read More



Confession    Follow Pastor Mikes blog at www.mikesmindblog.wordpress.com and click follow Confession – “Good morning everyone! Before we start the service I would like to say that I am not the man I like to portray that I am.  I believe I may have lied almost every day of my life and I disobey 3 of the 10... Read More


The Barnabas Legacy

The Barnabas Legacy  Follow Pastor Mikes blog at www.mikesmindblog.wordpress.com and click follow Have you ever considered who the most impactful person was in the early days of the church?  To some, this would be a  no brainer; Paul of course.  He started many of the churches and pioneered the way for many to... Read More

Pastor stress hanging by a thread

Do You Suffer from Marthitus

Do You Suffer From Marthitus Follow Pastor Mikes blog at www.mikesmindblog.wordpress.com and click follow The following blog is an allegory mixed with partial truths of my life.  It also has a whole lot of dramatic affect added.  The disease however is real for many of us.  It characterises the fight that most in... Read More


Pedaling Pain and Proceeding Through Life

Pedaling Pain and Proceeding Through Life To follow Pastor Mikes Blog visit mikesmindblog.wordpess.com and click "follw" It is that time of year for me, that life gets a little sad.  Our daylight becomes shorter, it begins to get colder, shorts and t-shirts become replaced with bulky sweaters and jackets, and you... Read More

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