What Do You Want for Father's Day Dad?

What Do You Want for Father's Day Dad?

What Do You Want for Father’s Day?    

Taken from mikesmindblog.wordpress.com

“What do you want for Fathers Day dad?”  It is now a welcome question in my household. Until recently it was something that wasn’t even a concern.  However, now that my kids have entered the adult years, I think that they have figured it is time they took on some form of responsibility to pay back from a couple of decades of “free years”. I think it is also because they now have jobs and my wife has now demanded something for all of her years of toil on Mother’s Day.  I guess I am kind of a throw in because it would seem like a blatant favouritism to not do something for dad on his accounted day.

Since we have lived in Northern Ontario, life has been great but I would be less than honest if didn’t say we haven’t faced our challenges.  Being a minister, you would think that your kids would be used to moving from one place to another but that wasn’t the case for us.  My kids had spent the majority of their lives in one of the nicest and most scenic areas of Canada and so to move to a northern mining city was something that they needed to get used to.  In the first year as the pastor of the church, seven families left our church of seventy people. My youngest daughter, because of sight challenges, was forced to attend a specialized school in Branford so that we could only see her on weekends. As a result she never was able to establish deep relationships in her new home. Because of a displaced knee cap, she also had to face 3 major knee surgeries before age 19 which forced doctors to break her tibia on two of them.  My son has always remained a solid citizen with a great sense of humour and has remained even keel through any transition. A few years ago, he was forced to become worship leader after unforeseen circumstances occurred. To watch him grow in his craft was incredible. He could have easily said no and it would have been totally understandable but instead, without complaint, he took on the role and carried our church through a hard time. It is a thing that I am totally grateful for even to this day.  It is a job he still presently occupies and has become one of the best worship leaders in the city. A fact that makes everyone in the family proud and makes us smile every Sunday morning.  All three of the kids went to college/university and are presently in school and or working to pay off their education.  My oldest daughter toiled to get through college with a youth workers diploma, battling dyslexia while maintaining a job that ministers to disabled adults.  She had plans to travel out of town to train to be a speech pathologist.  Those plans were side tracked when we were blindsided with a diagnosis of colon cancer at 23 years of age. It threw everyone in the family for an extended loop.  The unsureness, paranoia, and the fears that this dreaded disease brings with it are absolutely incredible. The rally to pray for her was intense. The surgery and recovery and unanswered questions seem to bring on an added pain. Throughout the process the two other children remained pillars of strength in carrying the burden and insuring that spirits remained high. Now fully recovered for the most part, she still currently works long challenging hours while completing her nursing degree and is beginning to realize the incredible girl that she is.

So you see I wasn’t lying when I told you that life has thrown us a few curve balls over the last few years.  But there is something in those years that reveals something about us; that forge, build, and develop our character.  It is also a time when God will show His presence if we let Him and will take us to places we never would be able to go otherwise.  To say that I am proud of my three children would be an huge understatement.  They continually make me smile and experience continual gratefulness. They have revealed great character and endurance at every turn and have maintained humour and maturity in every challenge they have faced.  My wife and I have always enjoyed being with them because they are absolutely wonderful kids … now adults.

This year will be my 25th Fathers Day as a Father.  Later this year I will walk my oldest daughter down the aisle to marry the love of her life. It will be a privilege hand her to the man she will spend the rest of her life with.  I am proud to call her my daughter.  There are few people who I have met who are stronger than her. And for some reason this 25th Fathers Day seems to take on new significance as I look back. What do you want for Fathers Day dad?  To be honest kids, you have you have already given it to me.  Your lives have presented a joy and a satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Thanks for the wonderful people you have become and the people that God is still continuing to mold you into.         However, you still have to get me a gift card.