Wisdom Calling

Wisdom Calling

Wisdom Calling

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When I first started writing blogs I had a certain ideal in mind.  I didn’t want to express or echo what others where already saying and I didn’t really want to create another devotional type of blog (not that this would bad).  My intention in creating this blog website was to express, confess, address some of the things that lurk in the deeper recesses of my mind with the thought that others may be thinking similarly or have thought similarly and have moved on.  I had realised that there were subjects and attitudes that existed below the surface and that, although many of them were not necessarily  controversial, they none-the-less needed to be released and articulated if I was going to receive any answers or come to any conclusions.  I would have to give them a face.  And because I am not necessarily too original I couldn’t help but think that some of these reflections may resonate with you as well.

It is during these times of introspection that some discoveries are made.  Here is the latest one that I am working on.  It is called the shrugged shoulder syndrome.  What is the shrugged shoulder syndrome you ask?  It is the fact that even though I consider myself a moderately smart guy there are a number critical issues I face that I am constantly bewildered about and have no solution.  It is as if I am in a constant state of having my shoulders shrugged and my palms pointed upward as though I don’t have an answer.  It surfaces its head in many areas of my life.  I should be smart enough to solve the problem but I quite obviously can not.  It starts in areas where I personally struggle and then extends to many other areas of life. It brings me to the realization that I am a very broken person in some areas of my life and I am unsure how to fix myself.  It also surfaces in finding solutions are not so easy or at least the answer is not as easy as it seems. To be quite honest this bugs me … a lot! It has taken five decades to come to this reality and actually admit it.  My mouth will have told you this a long time ago but let’s face it, our mouth many times will declare what the brain theoretically knows to be truth and perhaps even pontificates what should be but doesn’t necessarily confess what is.  Sometimes reality and heart level honesty can be hard to find under loads of pretence, defense mechanisms, and fear of who we really are…and lets not forget that festering heap of arrogance that always prevents God from really working in our lives.  It may sound to many of you at this point that I am being incredibly hard on myself but in reality I truly find that this is the point where God can truly work …the end of myself.

Let me ask you a question; has there ever existed in you a belief that you could somehow fix yourself and your deficiencies?  That you could become successful and solve your problems and maintain a level of confidence as well as have answers to some of the deeper questions you come across?  Have you ever been a  legend in your own mind?  If you have remotely thought this way, maybe you are travelling on the same road as me.   I don’t think that it is a road that end at any place good.  For me, as my frustration grew, and my hunger for resolution lingered, my quest for clarity revealed to me that the Bible told this about myself all along and I (and I would dare to say most of us) have done little or nothing about it.

If you read the book of Proverbs you see that God has actually presented to us a whole book devoted to this subject. Solomon, a man noted to be the wisest person in history, presented a truth and a reality that many Christians never grasp, that there is a level of knowledge, wisdom, and clarity available for all of us who are willing to dig for it.  Solomon speaks about a wisdom and understanding that goes beyond our limitations and God is aching for us not only to reach this zone but to operate in it. In the first third of the book Solomon expresses it with these three words … Wisdom is calling.  He frames it in the context of an allegory of a person standing in the city center at the highest part of town, where everyone can hear.  Proverbs alludes to this allegory 4 times in the first 9 chapters of the book.  It is a clear message, not for a select few, imploring people to respond and seek wisdom like someone would desperately work to get rich. To the simple looking for answers this is your greatest treasure. Wisdom is begging that we accept the invitation. 

If I am understanding Solomon correctly, He is revealing something special.  He is implying that there are people who are smart, there are people who are wise, and there are people who are “God Wise”.   He is not saying you will be as smart as God but that the one who diligently searches for the wisdom that God gives will be led to a place to find answers or at least to understand the situation.  The biggest hurdle most people face is to ascertain whether this is actually true or actually a reality they have access to. That if it is true it is more valuable than any treasure you could go for and the most elite thing you could acquire. It will take bearing down and earnestly seeking him and I don’t know exactly how this looks but I am coming to the conclusion that I need to do everything in my power to try. I believe most Christians operate at a level where there is a natural wisdom bi-product that comes when you decide to follow Jesus.  A wisdom essence that resides in us as Christ enters our life and molds us into His image. But there is a wisdom that exists that goes beyond my smarts and my resources that God is calling us to strive for.  This type of wisdom is calling.  The question is, are we listening …answering …responding? What am I doing to capture wisdom?     

The truth is that I need wisdom in so many areas that I don’t know where to start. I need wisdom to figure myself out.  I need wisdom to know God more.  I need wisdom to untangle the ball I find myself with.  I need wisdom to help the relationships I have strained. I need wisdom to be successful. I need wisdom to share my faith with others.  I need wisdom to make the mark God wants me to make. The desire for wisdom comes from a heart that is curious for something I think God wants to give us but something we are too lazy, distracted, discouraged, tired, delayed to dig for … answers.  There is also an interesting additive word that God gives us as we read the Proverbs, the word is understanding.  The ability to figure things out and understand what is going on.  If anything, the journey has made me hungrier and a little more desperate for an abundant treasure room that God has but many Christians give up on.  And it is not like we can complain to God about it because the Bible tells us plainly that we are to desperately pursue such a place more that we should go after silver or gold.  Are we content to go through life with half answered questions and incomplete puzzles that have since been abandoned? Do we attribute it to God’s will or sovereignty as though it was a concern that was never meant to be answered?  Do we have dead ends in our life that we have left vacant because God did not give us the answer at the time or without a fight? My encouragement to my self and to you and anyone who professes faith in Christ to answer a call from the city center to strive for a wisdom that only God can give. I believe God is calling us to do it.

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