Welcome to our website.

Changing the way you think about church

 We are glad you have come to check us out.Cornerstone Community Church is a community of passionate followers of Jesus who seek to embrace everyone in our community by:

Celebrating the Good News of the Gospel 

Connecting with our community

Communicating and living by the standards of the word of God and

Caring for people body mind and spirit.

Hopefully, you can find everything that you are looking for. We trust that our contemporary style of worship and communication will resonate with you and your whole family.  Not used to the church scene? No problem at all. We work to make everyone comfortable. Our goal is to change the way you think about church. We want to effectively minister to you and your family. So check out our site, our ministries, and our events. If you are not a regular here we would love to have you visit.  You are always welcome.


I want to be part of a church that delivers.

Every church wants to be an effective, vibrant, and growing assembly. How we go about that may vary. To try to explain our approach we have used the acronym UPS to briefly describe how we try to “deliver” the good news of the gospel and the process of producing passionate followers of Jesus Christ. At Cornerstone we believe that three things are important:

Understanding – To understand important fundamental passions such as what our vision is as well as our mission as a church and the core values that we embrace in our effort to fulfill God’s mandate for our life.

Process – A process of getting a person from enquiring finder, to everyday follower, to established faith builder, to exemplary front-runner in the work of God’s kingdom.

Standard – That the last thing that anyone wants (you, us, and God) is a bench warmer in the service of the kingdom of God. That God has called all of us to follow him and to utilize our time, talent, and treasures for His glory and service.

So may God bless you as you take the time to investigate Cornerstone. We trust that it will help you and your family as you follow our Lord. 

A More In-depth Look ...

For those wishing to see an in-depth look at our church philosophy, vision, core values, and mission statement please see (download) our introductory booklet for those wishing to be part of our church family.  It is entitled "Cornerstone Celebrate Our People" and is available for download on this page.


Wanting to know more about membership at Cornerstone?

For those who have been coming to Cornerstone for a little while and you have decided to become a member.

We do have an application that is downloadable on this page. It is "entitled membership application 2017". We renew membership every year as it is important to have current attendees helpful in determining the direction of our assembly. We also have a copy of the PAOC general Constitution available for download. This document gives you an idea of our fellowship's governing policy as well as our statement of faith.  We believe membership is important as it allows those committed to our church to be involved in the important decisions of church life as well as the fact that it keeps us accountable to each other.  If you are wishing to be part of Cornerstone, and you have been a regular attender for 6 months, please fill out the form provided and email to [email protected] or hand it in at the church office. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church office.