• Values are the deepest and most powerful motivators of personal action.
• Values are those things that we feel to be noble, right, and good.
• Values energize, motivate, and inspire people.
• Values are those qualities about which we are deeply passionate.
• Values are what a person or organization truly stand for.
• Values are those things which a person or organization will not compromise.
• Values provide the foundation for the mission, strategy and structure of an organization.
• Values are the set of understandings in an organization defining the environment that will be shared.
• Values are the common bond among an organization.
• Values are the glue that ties people together toward a common purpose.
• Values tell you the price of admission to an organization.


1. ANOINTED – A Cornerstone we believe in the anointed work of the Holy Spirit. That man can only come to God as Spirit draws them. We believe that the Spirit of God works in us continually developing us as believers in our ministries and developing our character to be more and more like Jesus. We also believe that believers receive power and boldness to be effective for God comes on every believer who is baptized in the Holy Spirit. As a result we also strive for the Spirit of God to be at the forefront of every ministry we do for God.

2. BIBLICAL – At Cornerstone we seek to be truly biblically sound in all of our teaching preaching and presentation of the gospel. We believe that the bible is inspired (“God breathed” 2 Timothy 3:16) and is profitable for … sharper than any 2 edged sword (Hebrews) and is crucial in reaching the hearts of men. As a result we place a high priority on the Word of God in keeping us true to our faith, in maintaining our lives and our view of God to be free from error, and in we seeking to focus on biblically true and sound ministry.

3. CARING COMMUNITY – We dream of a church that is characterized by authentic relationships. Where its family can be open, honest and real with one another, knowing that they will not be judged harshly but will be encouraged, challenged in their walk of faith. (see Acts 2:42-46). A church that would seek unity and comradery in all of their endeavors (). We dream of a church that fulfills the great commandment given y Jesus in Mark 12:30-31, which gives itself in life giving, authentic relationship with God and each other. At Cornerstone we exist to see people make a commitment to Jesus Christ and God’s family, the church. We believe that a church family is only as strong as the relationships it values and fleshes out.. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 4:12 that, “A chord of three strands is not easily broken.” This speaks of the power of authentic relationship. Cornerstone is dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere where these relationships can be created, cultivated, and maintained. We are committed to working out our differences in a spirit of humility, love and cooperation (see Philippians 2:1-4; John 13:34-35).

4. DOWN TO EARTH – We believe that all ministry should be relevant and should appeal to people where they are today. Jesus ministry was so “down to earth” that he often disrupted the religious structure of his day. He always sought the heart of the individual over the religious tradition or rule. Consequently we seek to be genuine and transparent in everything we do and we desire to operate in a way that would allow a person who is not familiar with the church subculture to feel comfortable in all of our activities

5. EVANGELISTIC – We believe that everything we do at Cornerstone Community church needs to be Christ centered . We believe that Jesus Christ must be at the heart of all we do. His mission is our mandate. We acknowledge that salvation of man is only through Christ (Acts 4:12) We realize in all that we do that the cross is a focal point because it is the only means by which man’s sin is forgiven and it is the only way in which we have access to heaven. Jesus clearly instructs all believers to Go and make disciples in all nations. This is at the heartbeat of all of our ministries. It includes the telling of the gospel the tutoring of young followers of Christ and the training of believers to be ministers and missionaries for God.

6. FAMILY FOCUSED - We equally dream of a church that comes along side of parents assisting them in the spiritual development and destiny of their children. Knowing that parents are responsible for the primary spiritual development of their children we will provide programs, resources, and encouragement to equip and enable parents to handle the challenges of leading their children in the development of faith and a biblical world view (Deuteronomy 6:1-9)

7. GROWING TOGETHER AS A BODY – An important mandate of the ministry of Cornerstone is the directive to produce healthy Christians that are active in fulfilling their calling in Jesus Christ. We believe that the church should be lead by men and women with leadership gifts. Our desire is not to have a church full of bench warmers who take up a pew every Sunday but people who are active in using their gifts to glorify God and to minister to people and contribute to their own spiritual well being as well as others.