The Birth of Cornerstone 

On Easter Sunday, April 16,1995 Cornerstone began meeting at the Ben Moxam Community Center under the leadership of Rev. Paul Timpany.  At this time Cornerstone sought affiliation with the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada (4C’s).  Rev. Paul Timpany faithfully pastored Cornerstone Community Church until he passed on to his new and eternal life, February 20, 2001.  

Upon Pastor Paul’s passing, the church family faced many difficult decisions concerning their future.  The decisions included, joining with the congregational Church in Naughton, disbanding with respective church members & finding church homes elsewhere, or to seek another organization with which to affiliate and continue with the vision for a vibrant Spirit filled church within Walden.  Going through the process with much prayer it was decided to seek another organization with which to affiliate.  Several church organizations were considered, with the final decision being to approach Glad Tidings church in Sudbury with the request of being adopted as a church plant within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).  This request was taken from Glad Tidings and a proposal made to the Western Ontario District of the PAOC.    Upon meeting with the district representatives and after considerable prayer, it was agreed upon that the affiliation of Cornerstone Community church and the PAOC was God’s desired plan.  Cornerstone affiliated with the PAOC in April of 2001

Cornerstone now celebrates over 20 years of ministry to the Walden Sudbury area