What is Our Vision? – It has been said that a vision “Defines the optimal desired future state - the mental picture - of what an organization wants to achieve over time; Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in the future”.  A vision is an important part of a church.  It is the clear visualization that God gives of a destination before the journey begins. Vision is what drives and directs where a church will go and what they will do as they are led by the Holy Spirit.  It also serves as a goal that God directs his church to achieve as they are obedient to the great commission (Matt 28:19). At Cornerstone, we believe that God has called us to impact at least 1% of the people in the immediate vicinity of our physical location. That would mean that anyone who would be within driving distance of the church (which would include Copper Cliff, Walden, Naughton, Whitefish and South Sudbury) about 45,000 people would be our Jerusalem (Acts 1:8).This is our immediate sphere of outreach and contact. As we reach this process we also trust that God will direct us as we reach our Judea Samaria, and uttermost parts of the earth i.e. ministering and training leaders and supporting ministries to reach Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and the World.