Please check out our two online methods for giving to Cornerstone which best suits your needs. It is simple and easy. Thanks for your support. is a safe and easy-to-use online giving platform that allows you to give on our website or through the mobile app. You can give one time or setup auto-recurring giving using your credit or debit when tithing, supporting, or when led to give for any other reason. Click on the give button below to give using

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Auto Withdrawal

Many do not wish to neglect their support on times they are on holidays or away.  Others wish to make their tithe first gift out of their budget and would thus like to have their tithe automatically withdrawn from their account on a schedule that is comfortable for them. A church survives on faithful tithers and givers like these. Rotessa is a safe giving platform that allows you to give tithe through automatic withdrawal. Rotessa allows you to set up the parameters of your giving to suit your convenience and budget.  If you would like to apply for giving through auto withdrawal please click on the following button. 



Giving is an important part of Church life.  

There are many ways a person practices giving in their church as an expression of their faith. 

We  give of our TIME

There are always things we can be doing to help serve and minister to our community through our church in every area of ministry. Children and youth all need our time to help mentor and teach and challenge.  There are always those in our community that we love to reach out to and help as well as the poor and challenged that are in need of ministry and support.

We give of our TALENT

We believe God has gifted everyone to sere in his kingdom and given us talents which should never be hidden or hoarded but used to reach and bless others.

We give of our TREASURES

God has blessed us and given us favour and resources. Because it is all God's to begin with. God calls on us to voluntarily an joyfully give of the resources he has blessed us with. We give our tithes and offerings as an act of worship for what God has done in our lives and to keep the church ministry to be sustained and strong to minister to the community.  God's word even tells us to test Him on this to see if He will not bless and minister to our lives ( Malachi 3:10) and that the measure in which we will give will be the same measure that God will bless us (Luke 6:38)

Making Giving Comfortable and Convenient

As a church, we realize that the method of giving and donating has changed dramatically over the last number of years.  We want to make the process as easy for you as we can and keep up with the processes that are currently available to us.  It used to be that the only time and method for giving would be to put your cheque or money into an envelope and then place it in the offering plate on Sunday morning. This is still available and viable option for those who wish to give. However, there are more conventional and reliable methods which are now available that can allow you to give regularly to bless your congregations without fear of forgetting or continually asking for envelopes or can allow you to give at the press of the button from our website our giving app or text messaging from your phone. please check out the following two options we have for you.

Thank You

We are extremely grateful for everyone who gives of their time, talent and treasures to Cornerstone.  We truly want to minister to you and to our community. Your gifts help us to Connect Care and Communicate to our Community. We also realize that it is impossible to out give God and that part of our growth and fulfillment as believers in Christ is through every aspect of our giving. Thank you for your support! If you have any more questions about tithing or giving to Cornerstone please do not hesitate to give us a call at the church office (705) 692-1658.